"Painting never grows easier - no matter how disciplined our efforts.  Everyday our Creator
puts a masterpiece before me and it is my job to express what I see onto a canvas in order
that I may share the beauty before me with you - the viewer.  I am humbled to have this

Painting is the sum total of the experiences of my entire life.  
I see my life as a series of beginnings and endings."
As a 4th grader in the Brewton, Alabama school system, she was awarded a Blue
Ribbon for a War Bond Poster.  She reflects how such a small thing can be etched
in your memory for a lifetime.

"My painting is an attitude............my attitude. It is a never ending process and the
longer we live and the more we paint, the more we realize that we can never know
it all."  

Why does she paint?  Hopefully, to make a difference in the lives of others - her
students and her collectors.  She always tells her classes that we do not learn to
paint - we paint to learn.  A quote from Emile Zola hangs near her easel:  "The
artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work."

In her beautiful new studio with floor to ceiling windows, her easel is bathed in
clear northlight.  Just outside these windows grow wonderful old palm trees,
palmetto, native hydrangea and Chinese umbrella plants.  They remind her each
day that she is indeed at home.